The name of this course is Personalitywise and is all about the four personality types and to find the combination which you are. Your personality profile will also determine the way you will approach relationships and deal with conflict. Your skill to establish and manage relationships will determine 85% of your success in life. It is therefore extremely important that you make an effort to study the workings of relationship. We invite you to the most powerful tool beside the Word that we discovered that helps people to understand themselves and others in die process of relationship. Everyone that has already attended the course was overwhelmingly excited and got great results. If you are married or plan to get married in future, the course is absolutely vital to understand your marriage partner. The culmination of the course is about managing conflict. Most people are not very successful with that. See the attached file for further information what this course is all about.

On this page you will find the course that I wrote and the audio’s. You will actually need a personal profile to do the course. You can contact me on to arrange for a profile of your personal personality type.


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