Man is in essence a relational being, yet most people do not really know what relationship is or how it works. Relationship is the means through which we live our whole life and yet it is the thing that we battle with most. If something is so prominent in our lives, one would assume that there would be many courses with much focus on relationship. Yet at the end of the day it is difficult to find good material on relationship.

Relationshipwise is a full one day course with audio’s that can be downloaded from this page. This course about relationship is a package that we put together from what we learned and experienced over 42 years of ministry. More than 80% of this course was discovered, designed and written by myself and cannot be found anywhere else in this format. This is a very profound course if you are serious about life and desire to know how to have successful relationships.

Content of Course

  1. What is relationship?
  2. Seven relationships
  3. Two sides of relationship
  4. Relationship pillars
  5. Relationship factors
  6. Relationship process
  7. Highways in the heart
  8. Signs of healthy relationships
  9. Relationship skills
  10. Relationship boundaries
  11. The means and the way to complete relationship
  12. Dormant seed and closed hearts
  13. How to blossom people?

Relationshipwise Manual


Below are links to an in-depth discussion presented by Arno Claassen.

Sessie 1 - Wat
is verhouding

Sessie 2 - Sewe

Sessie 3 - Twee kante
van Verhouding

Sessie 4 -

Sessie 5 -

Sessie 6 -

Sessie 7 - Tekens van
'n gesonde verhouding

Sessie 8 - Verhoudings

Sessie 9 -

Sessie 10 -
Gebaande Wee

Sessie 11 -
Volkome verhouding

Sessie 12 -

Sessie 13 - Dormante
saad en geslote harte

Sessie 14 -
Mense wat blom