Nuggets: October - Gospel Definitions 2

Day 1: Take up
your mandate

Day 2: Be proud of
your identity

Day 3: Walk in
your authority

Day 4:
We are one

Day 5:
Resist separation

Day 6: Refuse
unbiblical names

Day 7: Stay
in fellowship

Day 8:
Flow together

Day 9: Be involved
in peoples lives

Day 10: The gospel
belongs to the world

Day 11:
Total surrender

Day 12:
Immediate obedience

Day 13:
Do not compromise

Day 14:
Stand your ground

Day 15: No fights,
only declaration

Day 16:
Resist the devil

Day 17:
Defend each other

Day 18:
Walk in forgiveness

Day 19:
Sing your song

Day 20:
Root of bitterness

Day 21:
Confess from sin

Day 22:
Daily repentance

Day 23:
Missional lifestyle

Day 24:
Preach the Word

Day 25: Admonish,
rebuke and teach

Day 26:
Give freely

Day 27: Become
financially free

Day 28:
Live the victory

Day 29:
Live the supernatural

Day 30:
Live your ministry

Day 31:
Never give up