In the Childwise course Marianne Claassen show the difference between the psychological way of raising children and the Biblical way. The Bible shows us a definite six steps in raising children of which “terrible two’s” and the “teenage phase” is not part of it! These two ways are two different worlds’ that produces vastly different results in children. There is a great onslaught on marriages and the education of children in the house.

Parents are also very confused about how to raise their children. The detoriation of our societies start in the home. If we do not win the battle in home, we will never win the battle in the society.

Below you can download a complete book (Afrikaans) on the subject...

Kinders: Seën of vloek?

Below are links to an in-depth discussion presented by Arno and Marianne Claassen.

Session 0 -

Session 1 - Gods
Purpose For Children

Session 2 -
Who Is My Child

Session 3 - The Key
To My Child

Session 4 -

Session 5 -
Development Phases
Of My Child Part 1

Session 6 -
Development Phases
Of My Child Part 2

Session 7 -
Discipline Part 1

Session 8 -
Discipline Part 2

Session 9 -
Discipling My Child

Session 10 - My Childs
Personality Gifts And
Creation Purpose

Session 11 - My Family
As Congregation

Session 12 - My Child
And The World

Session 13 -
A Family Culture

Session 14 -
My Child And
My Marriage

Session 15 -

Session 16 -
My Children And

Session 17 -
My Child And

Session 18 -
A Word To
All Mothers

Session 19 -

Session 20 - When My
Child Does Not Follow
In My Footsteps