You win or you lose by the way you chose!
Moneywise game is a live and interactive board game. Individual or coupled players under the guidance of a banker can play. It is an educational game, with the main objective of teaching financial principles such as wealth and financial freedom. Moneywise is a live economy game and is not played with a dice, but with skill! The relational dimension of life is also very strongly represented in the game. The players do not compete against one another, but against themselves. They have to overcome themselves and their own, sometimes limited, mind-sets on finances. In Moneywise you are given the opportunity to “play” life as close to real life as possible. Since it is only a game, it is safe to practise and even make mistakes. The game helps you to think outside your current financial situation and to start thinking with the mind-set of wealth and wealth creation.


You are the captain of your own ship!
Moneywise is a course that teaches you the principles of personal finances and help to create wealth and financial freedom. The Moneywise course is a proven course with many people that went through it. The course is in English and Afrikaans available.

There are currently 6 modules in the Moneywise series:
  • Module 1 = Ten steps to financial freedom
  • Module 2 = Investment and trusts
  • Module 3 = Wealth Creation
  • Module 4 = Formula of Success
  • Module 5 = Creating a family legacy
  • Module 6 = The Psychology of Money

See the Moneywise website for more detail about the Moneywise game and course.