Nuggets: July - Ekklesia

Day 1:
Life Has

Day 2:
The Wine And
The Wineskin

Day 3:
The Most Powerful
Being On Earth!

Day 4:
She Is
The Ekklesia

Day 5:
Church Versus

Day 6:
The Two

Day 7:
Many Churches,
One Congregation

Day 8:
Basic Plan

Day 9: Ekklesia Is A
Person And Not A
Church System!

Day 10: Ekklesia
Manifests As An
Organic Movement

Day 11:
Ekklesia Is A Bride

Day 12:
Ekklesia Is A Family
(Ef.2:19; 2 Cor.6:18)

Day 13: Ekklesia Is
A House (Ef.2:22;
Heb.3:6; I Tim.3:15)

Day 14: Ekklesia Is
The Temple Of God
I Cor.6:19-20)

Day 15: Ekklesia Is
The Body Of Christ
(Ef.4:12, 5:23)

Day 16: Ekklesia Is
The Fullness Of
Christ (Ef.1:23)

Day 17: Ekklesia Is
The Field Of
God (I Cor.3:9)

Day 18:
Ekklesia Is
The Kingdom Of God

Day 19:
Ekklesia Has The
Keys Of The

Day 20:
Be Careful With
The Bride

Day 21:
The Bride Is
Not An Army!

Day 22:
The Bride Has No
Fight To Fight

Day 23:
The Bride Proclaims,
Not Dominates

Day 24:
The Power Of The
Bride Is Love

Day 25:
Her Identity Is
Her Everything!

Day 26: Her
Attitude Is
And Submission

Day 27:
Her Lifestyle Is
Total Surrender

Day 28:
Her Mission Is

Day 29: The
Bride Make Known
The Wisdom

Day 30: Her Identity
Is Her Strategy!
Identity Vs Methods
Being Vs Doing

Day 31:
Into Congregation!