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There is a vital difference in the Bible between church and congregation. The face of church is changing rapidly all over the world and it is extremely relevant for you to know what God is busy doing. Jesus Christ is the only hope for the world and the person that will take it to the world is the body of Christ. The quest is how to move away from all the unnecessary outward structures to a relational family structure that will activate every believer as a disciple to go out and make disciples of all nations!

The purpose of the congregation life is to minister to the community at large and to plant the kingdom of God in believers’ lives. It is important to understand the essence and purpose of congregation life and how vital it is for every individual and family to come to their fullness in Christ. We need to understand that congregation is the most important plan of God that will determine our future! See for lots of other free material and audio’s.

The material that you will find on the site are:
  • The fifteen paradigms of discipleship
  • Church or Congregation
  • The two systems
  • Congregation Life
  • Church or Kingdom