The youth of today is the young adults of 13 years and older. It is a time of independence and experimenting that must be fascilitated by fatherhood. In this phase, every person must discover his God-given purpose and identity. There is no other foundation on which to build successfully. It is also a time of preparation for adulthood, marriage and raising children of their own. Unfortunately, this is the phase where most young people go astray. These precious years are simply wasted away with idleness and peer pressure. It is crucial that the youth understand their place in the family and the process of preparation that leads towards full adulthood!
Arno and Marianne are widely involved in youth ministries in training young people and to provide property infrastructure for the training. Your financial support to make this possible will be greatly appreciated. Any donations in South-Africa is tax deductible up to 5% of gross income. Tax certificates are provided.