Hallo, I am Marianne Claassen. If you are also a person who learns the values of the Word much easier through stories, this page is for you. Even the greatest Teacher of all times used stories to get His message across. Everyone came to listen to Him, for all people, young and old, enjoy stories. He seldom preached, but used stories and parables to teach His followers the wisdom of God. I sincerely trust that my stories will help you become better acquainted with our Father and the life He intended for us on earth.

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In the face of my Father R70
Die volmaakte liefdesoffer R100 R70
Mercy is my gift R100 R70
Die verbond en jy R80 R50
Familielewe R150 R100
Family Life R150 R100
Kinders, ‘n seën of vloek R100 R70

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