As a family we believe that freely we have received and therefore freely we give! The message of the gospel is meant for all and no price can be attached to it. Therefore, some of the material, as indicated, can be downloaded freely. Unfortunately, the process of printing is expensive and some of the material must be bought. The sale of every book also assists in the creation of the next. To produce any product in life cost time, money and energy. If you have been blessed by the writings, we ask you to help us to make it possible to write even more that more people can be blessed. The writers of the material on this website has numerous writings that is in the process of completion. The jewellery and art products are also mainly the work of the family.

Account number for the purchase of books and material:
Lifewise, ABSA, Branch no – 334 645, Account no – 9211 621 868

Arno and Marianne are widely involved in youth ministries in training young people and to provide property infrastructure for the training. Your financial support to make this possible will be greatly appreciated. Any donations in South-Africa is tax deductible up to 10% of gross income. Tax certificates are provided. Look at the following websites concerning youth ministries involved in the property trust:

www.instructedlife.net (PAIDEIA LIFE)
www.dadsplacemyhome.com (CREARE)

Financial support for property trust:
Paideia Life, ABSA, Branch no – 334 645, Account no - 9151 753 670